The Case Against Cash

Cash doesn't cut it.


When it comes to "compensation," cash may be king, however, when it comes to "recognition," cash leaves much to be desired. We're not suggesting that cash bonuses aren't desirable. But studies have proven that cash bonuses are too impersonal to provide effective recognition. People don't want to talk about how much they earn, so the public recognition quotient here is diminished. The money is almost always used to pay bills or purchase everyday necessities. While this can be helpful to some, it is rarely remembered and loses its lasting motivational punch. When it comes to trophy value and bragging rights, cash bonuses just don't cut it.


On the other hand, when Atlas creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your winners, the result is something that will be talked about long afterward. When you care about your winners enough to offer them a highly personal dream opportunity — whether it be island-hopping in the Caribbean, a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or European tour – it will be remembered forever and talked about almost as long.