Savings and value have always been important.

However, now companies are forced to maximize budgets like never before. Atlas stands ready to find creative ways to provide value on every meeting and event.

Location, location, location.
Every meeting or event begins with site selection and this is where Atlas begins to save you time and money. Our location experience and industry insider knowledge provide you with the most up-to-date information on best airline fares and hotel rates so that we can match the location value with your event expectation. We leverage our corporate travel department's relationships and pricing commitments to make sure you get the best deal with the best amenities. In addition, when you select a hotel that compensates Atlas on the sleeping room portion of your event (which is typically the case), we provide site selection for this event free of charge, saving you hundreds in fees.

Tough negotiators.
Atlas is known for its strong contract strategies and tough negotiators. We know where the trade-offs are, we know how to make sure you will get deposits back when necessary. Our team knows the questions to ask and when to push for that little bit more.


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