Strategic Program Design

Atlas’s approach to designing recognition programs is methodical yet flexible enough to work well with recognition programs of all sizes and budgets. It’s critical for our team to understand the corporate culture and demographics of the audience to determine the right approach. One program does not fit all, and it is our mission to provide the best strategy and execution of a recognition program with both the client and the end user in mind!

Setting Goals


Atlas can help you craft your incentive and recognition initiatives from start to finish, so that you can focus on getting business done. Providing challenging yet attainable goals produces significantly better results than simply saying, "Do the best you can." It’s our goal to make sure that our clients achieve successful adoption rates so setting the right goals is a critical step to getting the best participation possible.

Thoughtful Implementation

We believe in thinking before implementing. It’s very easy to rush through the process in order to launch the program, but a successful program is best achieved with a proper implementation period, extensive testing, and a creative launch. At Atlas, first impressions count!

Continual Assessment

It is extremely important to review the program on a regular basis to make sure that the goals and vision are being met. While our strategic timeline includes continual reporting, we also schedule official “check-in” periods to discuss program results with the program stakeholders so that we can make any necessary changes.


Critical Evaluation

At Atlas, we believe in formal evaluation. While regular check-ins during the program provide immediate critique and program adjustments, it doesn’t provide the same vision that a post-program evaluation can provide. We strive to make each program better than the one before, so this is an opportunity to take a critical look at how we achieved goals, executed strategy, and achieved the ROI desired.

Promotion Campaign

For an incentive or recognition program to gain traction, the audience must be consistently and continually updated on the progress they're making toward achieving their goals. Atlas can help you provide creative updates your audience on a regular basis.

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Desirable rewards

Aligning a desirable reward with the achievement of a goal increases the probability that the goal will be achieved. The operative word is "desirable." The more desirable the reward, the more dramatic the results.  When an incentive program fizzles, poor reward selection is often the culprit.

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