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Oceania Cruises is dedicated to providing you with a luxurious home away from home; just because you're travelling doesn't mean that you can't enjoy all the comforts of home! The accommodations on their amazing cruise ships are designed to make you feel immensely relaxed, content, and comfortable! Soothing colors, plush furnishings, French and italian toiletries are just a few of the amenities you'll encounter in your quarters. You'll recharge your batteries on the exclusive Tranquility Bed, with which each stateroom is equipped. The resulting sleep will leave you well rested, as the custom designed Euro Top mattress soothes your body. The staterooms you'll stay in are the definition of elegance - furnished tastefully, designed for your comfort, these quiet spaces provide an area where you can just relax and enjoy yourself. To add to the serene ambience of your stateroom, the Oceania provides service on a level that ensures that you never have to lift a finger.


Hospitality on Oceania Cruises

The Oceania staff is dedicated to impeccable service; their innate enthusiasm for being of service is impressive and noteworthy! They will ardently attend to your every need, no matter what your request. They even anticipate what you want with an ease that seems almost magical! You'll see this talent exhibited by the classically-trained butlers who tend for the guests in the Owner's, Vista, Oceania and Penthouse Suites. Hospitality is their specialty, and the impassioned service that all guests receive on these cruises is what distinguishes Oceania Cruises from other cruise lines.


Luxury Dining With Oceania Cruises

With legendary master chef Jaques Pepin serving as Executive Culinary Director, Oceania Cruises is proud to boast that their cuisine is "the finest at sea." Inspirational meals are created by immensely talented chefs, in an atmosphere that provides them with the time and generosity to prepare each meal impeccably to the smallest detail! The virtuosity of these chefs is apparent in each of the signature dishes that they prepare; the artisan breads you enjoy at each mill are a testament to their gift - prepared fresh at sea, you can enjoy warm breads of every imaginable style. Menus reflect the regions where each ship sails, which delights your palate as well as enhances your experience! Enjoy diverse meals in each of the four, distinctly different restaurants. The open-seating policy allows guests to dine whenever they like, wherever, and with whomever they wish; dine with a group of friends, or enjoy a quiet table for two - the choice is completely yours!


Oceania Cruises: Amenities

Oceania cruise ships are all mid-sized; this ideal size elevates your onboard experience, allowing for a certain warmth and intimacy that is devoid on larger vessels. This pristine size allows for a different type of experience, since it allows each guest to develop their own rapport with the staff! The warm and caring attitude that the staff exhibits promotes an extraordinarily comfortable atmosphere, creating an intimate experience. The ambience on Oceania cruise ships is reminiscent of a country club, as you are encouraged to simply be yourself!


Oceania Cruises: Activities

Each ship provides an abundance of diversions - there is something for everyone, and you'll never have the same experience twice! Enjoy the sun on deck, read a book, take a dip in the pool, or exercise on the oval track! Work out with a personal trainer, or relax at the spa. Play team board games and other games with guests - there is even Team Trivia and Oceania Idol for the guests who like to show off their karaoke skills! Enrich your mind as well as your body - each cruise has a guest lecturer who will enlighten you with their personal insights, historic outlooks, and vast expertise regarding your ports of call. OceaniaAtSea offers programs that everyone can enjoy - you can check your email, keep up to date on the news and stocks, or even take group classes with subjects ranging from Microsoft Windows XP to image retouching and digital photography classes. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club allows you to discover ways to make your life more positive and relax your body and mind through fitness, Spa Cuisine, and healing therapies!


Oceania Cruises: Entertainment into the Evening

As evening approaches, your activites do not become more limited on an Oceania Cruise. Each ship has several themed bars, and there are headline entertainers each night who will give live performances for you to enjoy! Each night is different - see a live show, try your luck at the casino, enjoy a cocktail at one of the bars with your friends, or have a more refined evening with Martini Tasting and other activities!


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