Karen McCrink

Director; Leisure Travel Services


Karen has been in the travel industry, and more specifically leisure services, since 1984. Karen’s affinity for travel is undeniable; she has abundant personal experiences traveling the world and is always keeping the memories as ideas for her clients. Some of her favorite vacation destinations are Tahiti for the jaw dropping beauty and Dubai for its “perpetual sun, endless white sand and turquoise seas, superb resorts and restaurants and a myriad of unexpected activities.” Karen has booked it all and finds satisfaction in getting creative and assuring each of her clients a personalized, unique and memorable trip. “I love to book cultural vacations because you can add the unique elements to an itinerary that a client might not have known was even an option. This could be a wine tasting in France, visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, cooking classes in Italy, or a bungee jump off the bridge over the Zambezi River in Africa.” Whatever trip you are dreaming about taking, Karen will have ideas to make sure it becomes a dream come true!


Dianne Doucette

Manager; Leisure Travel Services


Dianne has been an agent since 1981. She loves how this career allows her to truly connect with people and hear the experiences they have while traveling. She’s booked vacations that have left the clients with wild stories to tell. “I’ve arranged travel to Churchill, Canada for clients to see the Polar Bears up close and personal in specialized S.U.Vs. Did you know you can take a bath in Red Wine? I made that happen for a client in a winery spa in Argentina’s Wine Country. How about a picnic in the Lavender fields of Provence? An older gentleman asked me to arrange to bring his wife to recreate their favorite trip they’ve taken. They’ve all been amazing trips, but what stuck out to me the most was the feedback they gave me after – I was able to exceed all of their expectations!”


Tara Vaz

Sr. Vacation Travel Specialist


Tara’s passion for travel and planning began when she was a young girl through her family’s annual vacations to Disney. She joined the travel industry after graduating college in 2012 with a focus on Travel and Tourism. Although her previous experiences at Disney led her to the travel industry, Tara now personally prefers beach vacations; her favorite being Tahiti where she stayed in a picturesque overwater bungalow watching fish freely swim and explore the clear water beneath her. Her most unique vacation booking was sending a couple on an African Safari to sleep out in the wilderness. “From a family vacation to Disney, an Alaska cruise for an extended family, a wedding on a beach in the Caribbean or a friends get-away to Las Vegas, my goal is to make it a memory of a lifetime.”


Lin Griffin

Sr. Vacation Travel Specialist


Lin has been a cruise expert for over 10 years. Lin started her career in Human Resources but always had a passion for travel. She eventually left her job as an HR manager to start her career in travel. She has sailed on many of the major cruise lines and has been involved in marketing events both on ships and at travel show venues. Lin’s experience in luxury travel quickly established her as being one of the company’s top cruise agents. She has been a top seller of Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Viking River and Ocean, Avalon Waterways, Azamara Club Cruises and Star Clippers, to name a few. Whether you’re interested in Luxury, Small Ship, River Cruises or Family/Contemporary cruising, Lin has the cruise experience and knowledge to help guide your decision. She has earned credentials through various training programs and is considered an expert by all cruise lines we represent. Lin has traveled all around the world and she will offer her travel tips and recommendations as you select which itinerary and ship you’d like for your next vacation.


Jodie McDonough

Sr. Vacation Travel Specialist


During a trip to Barbados in high school, Jodie found her passion for travel. From that young age was eager to one day becoming a travel agent, which she has been doing for 24 years. Jodie is very well traveled and has explored numerous places around the globe, including Iceland and Ireland. While she personally prefers nice relaxing beach vacations, Disney holds a special place in her heart. Jodie loves providing everyone with the magic of Disney. “As a mother of 2 children, I love to experience the parks with them and enjoy planning magical vacations for other families as well. I believe everyone should experience Disney at least once.”


Carmen Perez

Vacation Travel Specialist


Carmen is one of our resident romance, honeymoon, and destination wedding specialists. After graduating from college Carmen joined us and quickly put her affinity for this travel style to work. “Today’s honeymooners are not always looking for a relaxing beach getaway. More and more couples are looking to go somewhere really exotic or adventurous and I love planning those out of the box trips. We see a lot of couples looking to combine the romantic relaxing vacation with some off property activities and I love helping blend that together for the perfect trip for them”. This is why Panama is one of Carmen’s favorite destinations because it has it all -beaches, culture, nature, and adventure. Carmen also takes great pride planning the perfect trip for her clients.” I hope with every trip I book for someone, they truly feel satisfied with the entire experience from beginning to end. Many people spend years saving for the perfect vacation and I want them to feel as if every second was enjoyed.”